4pc Fitness Gliding Discs for Abdominal Workout

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A set of KYLIN SPORTS workout gliding discs is a great addition to your home gym. Work out your core muscle with this dual-side core sliding disc, easy to operate, and effective to see the result.

DUAL SIDE: One side is EVA foam padding, normally for hand supporting, and the other side is smooth for gliding on the floor.
CORE MUSCLE TRAINING: 4 sliding discs give you an intense abdominal, leg and gluteal training.
STABILITY AND STRENGTH TRAINING: Sliding discs are perfect for train one’s stability and strength by coordinative movement of hands and feet that works out the core muscle and buttock.
CIRCUMSTANCE ADAPTIVITY: the disc has different sides which can be used on carpet, hard floor. You can work out anywhere as you find a suitable place.

Color: Red
Material: EVA & ABS
Size: 17.7 * 0.7cm / 7.0 * 0.3in (Dia. * Thickness)
Each disc weight: 90g / 3.2oz
Package weight: 365g / 12.9oz

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4 * Gliding Disc